Entertainment Industry and other works

by Ellen Gillingham

About Me

When you ask Ellen Gillingham about popular culture, you get a wide-eyed steady smile, ecstatic energy, and a discussion about how and why you favorite musical artists will put on an amazing show or release a new single that makes every facet of your life more exciting, fun, and enthused.

I connected hundreds of people to other concert enthusiasts and concerts in the DMV area. I entertained hundreds of people with current music. I blend music together into one continuous song, allowing the people to dance without obstruction, responding to the crowd. I advised artists on trends in concert performance based on pragmatic research, which includes actively observing concerts, music videos, and contributing to the public conversation on underground and freshman rap music. I contributed to the field of pop culture by completing a thesis project on the relationship between society and pop culture, specifically focusing on popular rap and country music and performance. I expanded Altavoz Distribution’s reach and content, writing articles on music industry trends.

I love music industry trends. I love keeping up to date with this because I feel empowered to know the newest hits and be able to tell everyone about them. The best part is having a refined library of music, like a scrapbook of time.

I do this by actively observing concerts, noticing all of the elements that make the performance from ticket marketing, to line up, venue, and stage effects. So whether you want to perform for college students, at the Verizon Center, or overseas, you can discover exactly how to do this through my research.

I can analyze and critically evaluate the most baffling why-is-this-a-hit song as a piece of popular culture, and describe it’s appeal to different demographics.

DJing, concerts, creativity, hip hop, trap, edm, underground music, popular culture, marketing, writing/blogging, using new technology, helping others, leadership


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