Entertainment Industry and other works

by Ellen Gillingham

Notes on Hip-hop vs. Rap


Hip-hop vs. rap

Influence each other

Rap within greater culture of hip-hop

Hip-hop doesn’t have the same narrow limitations,

Create a dialectic, both could produce meanings, two different ideas of things speaking to each other creating meanings

Binary- Assumes things only happen in the two ways, where are the in-between or what doesn’t fit within the binary, traps language that we get to use

Not real hip-hop if it’s too commercial- age of golden rap- 62-93, rap nationalism, produce

Music made for white people- hip hop,

music made from the ground- about black experience is rap

Yousman points out thinking through authenticity, way we think about black authenticity, what spectacular consumption does to individual vs. collective identity, reemphasis on individual,

One person can be a spectacle, a music of individuals

How do we get to a point where there is an emphasis on individuality and individual desire vs. what is best for the community

Thus, whereas citizenship is about active participation in the governing of society and necessitates both community involvement and working for the greater good, however that may be defined by various ideological projects, the consumerism promoted and reinforced in media culture is merely about individual self-gratification and the attempt to solve all perceived problems through the purchasing of goods in the marketplace

Individuals dilemma is not one or good or bad right or wrong, it’s more systemic

Segregated- media projects images pictures like getting to know black people, women, men, watch gender as it’s performed in popular culture, learn and accept because we don’t have close encounters with what we are learning, make assessments and comparisons based on what we know

Real life can’t be separated from the media because they assist us with making sense

Hip-hop culture becomes medium for people to understand and know what constitutes blackness


How do Yousmen and Miller-Young speak in conversation to this video?

Birthday Song

Illicit sex exotic worker, black female body on display, sexual connotation

Money making opportunity

Alternative readings of erotic economy

Working middle class home- making it look every day, party life, funding gov’t assistance, children learning masculinity, while we are learning about him, looks like he is a part of the culture

2chainz- says whatever in the world he wants to say, given what you would expect,

Culture has shifted to a moment of erotic rap from gangster rap,

Only know black love through black booty shaking





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