Entertainment Industry and other works

by Ellen Gillingham

Response to Flash Mob

The location of the flash mob was very interesting because the indoor location was not subject to the passer-by.  When the singing ended, the audience was still paying attention to the facts after the singing.  The fraternity moment helped the flash mob presentation for many reasons.  First, the audience was warmed up to receive production.  The fraternity functioned as an opening act.  However, it also juxtaposed feelings from the two spectacles.  The theme of Christmas from the flash mob created warm feelings of inclusion, while the fraternity created sharp militaristic exclusion.  The fraternity spectacle is aggressive, masculine, and hard.  The contrast to the feminine singing is softer and gentler.  The way the spectacles were juxtaposed emphasized the allure of the “Santa Baby” song.

I wish I could hear all of the audience’s responses to the flash mob because hearing Dr. McCune’s observations were interesting.  It shows that the flash mob was successful in communicating sexist themes in Christmas songs.  It was such a good idea to use such traditional songs in a critical flash mob.  Most people do not question meanings and implications in the lyrics.

In addition, I was surprised by Lauren’s start to the “Jingle Bells” song because I was expecting the mob to have a Christmas caroling undertone.  However, her singing skills introduced the group as more of an arranged performance.  The group seemed like a campus acapella group, so the disruption of facts was even more unexpected.  Her introduction also functioned to call attention to the spectacle.  The choral feeling and credibility attracted more attention.  Many people throughout the room were recording the spectacle.  This can open up the responses to a YouTube community.  I think the amount of people that would look at YouTube watching this performance would be small, but there is a possibility that the video could go viral.  Then interpretations could be completely different from those at the live performance.  I feel that this would depend on the way the video is tagged or labeled.


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