Entertainment Industry and other works

by Ellen Gillingham

Notes on Gaga Feminism

Gaga feminism


VMA women’s dress- elegant ball gowns

–          Not as fancy as the Emmys- agency to wear the untypical- modern- compition- interviewed about designers


–          Suit jacket, gray area- challenge to be very fancy, too cool wear casual

Anecdote- Lady Gaga pushes boundaries transcend above regular, sloppy man

–          Do we recognize her as a man

–          Pushing gender norms

–          When one makes oneself less spectacular

  • Rupture to the norm
  • Fake and foney politics
    • Be who you are- find internal woman
    • Against
      • Unfind woman
        • Intertwine personal beliefs with gender- recognize that it is me- reconstruction
        • Undo idea of “I am”
        • “undoing gender”- Butler
        • Usable theory

–          No longer Gaga

–          Never addressed, stayed in character


Antecdote- “Jack… (7%)

–          Confuse gender and sex

–          Learn from children

  • Adults less raw

–          “Basically” a girl

  • Can’t pinpoint
  • Boy child is the older child- in society longer, girl is more open, ok with “boygirl” term, less and less ok with not using gendered terms as get older, in society longer

–          Feel obligated when exit the home

  • “Step-dad” term mother struggles with term


Gaga feminism is a politics that brings together meditations on fame and visibility with a lashing critique of the fixity of roles for males and females.  It is a scavenger feminism that borrows promiscuously, steals from everywhere, and inhabits the groud of stereotype and cliché all at the same time.  Gaga feminism is also a feminism made up of stutter steps and hiccups, as it clear in the world opened up in Telephone in both the music and the image: the off-beat, clickering, humming aesthetic that the video creates depends upon the liveliness of objects in the Gagascape (and the inertia of the human bodies), and it creates a beat for Gaga that is best represented as a sonic form of hestitation.  Page 5 13%

Movies 19%

20% how relates to gaga

Gaga feminism proposes that we look more closely at heterosexuality, to find new modes of intimate relation. (23%)

–          Destablalizing norms

  • Speak in a voice that things are given and concrete
  • Definitive voice
    • Does not leave room for destabilized norms
    • There might be other presences that exist
  • Travels in the shadows of history
  • Morsels that do not get discussed and talked about
  • Love comedies- feel invested, creating, being complicit with certin norms
    • Don’t get tired of happy ending
    • “Love and Other Drugs”
      • Sweet ending
      • Hoping for tragedy
      • Hoping for rupture
      • But we have desire for destabilizing of norms
    • Want stability
      • Create world that is so translatable
        • Want to get married
      • Institute norms


Pregnant man Thomas

Spectacular in the media “the first”

Disruptive for Thomas to claim that he is the first pregnant man

–          Someone transcending gender roles

–          Be biological parent to child

–          Women bear children -> women should take care of them

  • Disrupted with implications for women

Interviews about pregnant man by Jack

–          Refuse to participate in ‘easy’ conversation about pregnant man

–          Makes difficult easy narrative for consumption (28%)

  • Opens new conversations

–          Gaga is a media product and media manipulator

  • Dominate notions of gender
  • Use it to introduce new genders and new ideas

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