Entertainment Industry and other works

by Ellen Gillingham

Costume and Invented Tradition Notes

  • invented tradition
    • is taken to mean a set of practices, normally governed by overtly or tacitly accepted rules and of a ritual or symbolic nature, which seek to inculcate certain values and norms of behavior by repetition, which automatically implies continuity with the past.
    • Invariance- has not changed
    • intention to stay it
  • kilts in Scotland for example
    • because we bought into that
    • Bound not to be authentic
    • Repetition of use, talk about it
    • Became part of Scottish identity
  • Tradition
    • Transmitting handed down, especially by word of mouth or by practice
      • Especially physical enactment
    • practice, repeated [symbolic value- some kind of meaning to group]
    • invariant- not changing, exactness of sameness
      • establish continuity with suitable past
        • has to fit master narrative of the world- or it wont survive
    • create a tradition- charismatic, or upper status, there has to be somebody that follows you- know what works
  • Customcannot afford to be invariant, custom has to change
    • Decline of custom leads to tradition dying
      • Example TractorGraw= new tradition. Custom= beads
  • Braveheart Effect
    • Tourism catapulted

Mel Gibson with William Wallace- trivialize and commercialize


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