Entertainment Industry and other works

by Ellen Gillingham

Gender and Spectacular Consumption

Notes: gender and spectacular consumption

A way we receive messages from common culture (supposed)

Includes defining gender roles



Enforces our gender and policing gender of people on screen


What’s real and what’s not

Pick people that describe themselves as having no shame, drunk all the time

Don’t see it as a character- think this is how women are, compare ourselves to them

One on one interview- character talk to you, shows you what each character is thinking after something happens

Invites all audience members to critique



Look to men- because girls think they don’t get along with other girls

Don’t show girls being harassed on television, only see girl on girl violence- doesn’t challenge the writers


Teaches sexism

Making things look so progressive that we forget that sexism exists- which is sexism in itself

More that we can forget- we can call it natural


Natural vs constructed

Part of the new world order

Debate- America is the model of gender equality- mistaking progress for arrival

Troubling that there is a misunderstanding of what the needs are for the military that you would believe that we don’t have to account for tech advancements we can’t be funding people for horses and other products that they do not need


Racialized gendered sexual being

Critique otherness- appropriate, acceptable, sympathize or say no that’s wrong


Enlightened racism- black bodies do not trouble things when they are present


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