Entertainment Industry and other works

by Ellen Gillingham

Enlightened Sexism


  1. Ideas reproduced so many times- start to internalize, become common sense understanding
    1. Understand as natural

i.      When the natural becomes anti-femenist

ii.      Becomes individualized and personal

  1. Natural without thinking without prompts

i.      Historical prompts playing into who we are right now

  1. Evolution

i.      Shifts and changes

ii.      Understand political of personalization- using personal narrative

  1. To show how unnatural I am

iii.      Sense of authors engagement and development how she shifts and changes

  1. Post feminism
  2. New Girly-ness
    1. Female voiceover
    2. Women free from feminists in own voiceover
    3. Clueless, which she claims was “the turning point in the depiction of girls and women in film and TV” because it was girlie in every sense – “girl power in a mini-skirt and pink boa – beckoned to the girls and women of America as a rediscovered pleasure and acceptable persona. True empowerment came from buying the right things and using the right products to look irresistibly attractive” (102). Douglas claims that Clueless and the similar films that followed (such as Legally Blonde and Miss Congeniality) degraded feminism, because it was “like, so yesterday” and was “hostile to the fun of the new girliness” (102). Douglass does observe however, that Clueless did usher in the use of female voiceovers, which provided for stories from a females perspective.
    4. Ally McBeal

i.      Show of misfits

  1. Not just female character is a mess

ii.      Only aspect of her life involves a man

iii.      Some strides are made, some women are breaking through in law careers

  1. Show is only attractive to public
  2. Women portrayed more, but only if they look good
    1. Have own characters, be protagonists, but only if they are pretty
  3. Many TV shows do that

i.      Gossip Girl– about friend who died, background relationships

  1. Girlie girl, but try to talk about other things a little more

ii.      Suits– one of the main partners is a women, but other women in show are like sexy women in the law firm, but not actual characters

  1. Women’s magazines sold as a group activity, how friends hang out and bond

i.      Central focus of magazines

  1. Mostly ch 4 and 5
  2. So Few black women in America
    1. Black folks don’t even have that much excess

i.      Community disproportionately in poverty

  1. Misses opportunity to talk about what she is doing
    1. Spectacular black women become mothers for white women, other women

i.      Carry with them potential

  1. Ex. Wanda Sykes “Sassy” reminds her of what is in her (128
    1. “When I watch then I don’t see her expressing for black women, but I see her expressing it for all women
    2. She is out there, We get to hide behind her, She is our surrogate
    3. Potential of coalition building
      1. See power within
      2. Consumptive politics
        1. Black women feeding America what they think they need
        2. While being subject to poverty
        3. Working for the media / as entertainment

i.      Spectacles to be consumed, when they don’t get to consume as much as they put out

  1. What is America

i.      What we produce co- constitutive





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