Entertainment Industry and other works

by Ellen Gillingham

Two kinds of men.

There are two kinds of men.

Spice Girls- sold ten million albums world line.  Advice to girls: “don’t wait around for him to call”

Hyper-masculinity of boy bands exploited the young girl market.

Ally McBeal was the first major female lead in a show who was not a baby boomer, but was not the next phase of feminism.

Bridget Jones was seen as the epitome of millennial woman hood and a new “ ‘90s heroine.”

Legally Blonde shows feminism as a “typical feminist,” who is silly, humorless, and obsessed with trivial, utterly symbolic issues and political correctness.

It also shows that knowledge about hair and beauty matter.

Down with Love’s biggest message is that feminism itself was and is a masquerade, a pose.  It is commercialized and we do not need anymore.

Contradictions between visibility and invisibility abound for African American women.

Oprah uses Black Speak for a national predominantly white female audience.

Overall, within the various places where we see media images of African American women, the contradictions, the mixed messages are everywhere.

The sexpert was aided by television (including the news) as well as magazine articles.  Young women today have never experiences media without sexual objectification.



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